UVA Basketball Schedule: 2023-2024 Men’s Basketball Schedule

UVA Basketball Schedule

The University of Virginia (UVA), located in the center of Virginia, has a great sports tradition, with its basketball team ranking among the finest in the country. The University of Virginia Cavaliers have continuously competed at the top level, exciting spectators and creating a lasting impression on the collegiate basketball world. In this article, we look at the UVA basketball schedule for 2023–2024, looking at major matches, great players, Coach Jackson’s plan, and the team’s significant impact on the community.

The 2023-2024 UVA Basketball Schedule

November 7@ James MadisonHarrisonburg, VAW 66-58
November 10@ VMILexington, VAW 80-67
November 13Charleston SouthernCharlottesville, VAW 73-59
November 17@ LongwoodFarmville, VAW 82-52
November 20Saint Peter’sCharlottesville, VAW 69-64
November 24@ PrincetonPrinceton, NJW 83-59
November 27@ PennPhiladelphia, PAW 82-71
December 2George MasonCharlottesville, VAW 72-58
December 5@ Georgia TechAtlanta, GAL 68-66
December 8@ Notre DameSouth Bend, INW 53-49
December 11RadfordCharlottesville, VAW 74-56
December 17@ Virginia TechBlacksburg, VAL 67-58
December 22vs. PurdueBarclays CenterTBD
December 29vs. IndianaPurcell PavilionTBD
January 1@ ClemsonClemson, SCW 61-57
January 4Boston CollegeCharlottesville, VAW 66-59
January 7@ Florida StateTallahassee, FLL 60-57
January 11MiamiCharlottesville, VAW 56-46
January 14@ North CarolinaChapel Hill, NCL 59-57
January 18Notre DameCharlottesville, VAW 67-61
January 21@ Georgia TechAtlanta, GAW 60-55
January 25Wake ForestCharlottesville, VAW 65-58
January 28@ PittsburghPittsburgh, PAL 68-57
February 1DukeCharlottesville, VAL 69-68
February 4@ Boston CollegeBoston, MAW 83-67
February 7ClemsonCharlottesville, VAW 74-64
February 11Florida StateCharlottesville, VAL 62-59
February 14@ MiamiCoral Gables, FLL 63-55
February 18North CarolinaCharlottesville, VAL 63-58
February 21PittsburghCharlottesville, VAW 71-63
February 25@ Wake ForestWinston-Salem, NCL 73-54
February 28Georgia TechCharlottesville, VAW 70-62

UVA Basketball Schedule: A Rich Sporting Legacy

UVA’s basketball legacy dates back to the late 19th century, when the team played its inaugural game. Over the years, the Cavaliers have etched their name in history, producing numerous NBA talents and garnering widespread recognition for their disciplined play and strategic approach.

UVA Basketball Schedule

Season Opener against Rivals
Key Matchup: UVA vs. Duke
In-State Rivalry: UVA vs. Virginia Tech
Battle of the Blues: UVA vs. UNC
UVA Takes on the Defending Champs
UVA vs. ACC Dark Horse
New Year Showdown: UVA vs. Syracuse
UVA’s West Coast Swing
UVA vs. Louisville: Clash of Titans
UVA’s Homestand: Dominating the Court
UVA vs. NC State: Battle for Supremacy
UVA Faces the Terps
Senior Night Celebrations
UVA vs. Florida State: March Madness Preview
Season Finale against Notre Dame

November: Season Opener against Rivals: The 2023–2024 UVA Basketball season begins with a bang as they take on their archrivals in an exciting matchup. The tension in the arena will be palpable as both sides compete for bragging rights in this highly anticipated match. The University of Virginia’s drive to start the season on a winning note will be on full display, setting the tone for the thrilling games ahead.

November: Key Matchup: UVA vs. Duke One of the highlights of the schedule is the face-off between UVA and Duke. With both teams boasting talented rosters and legendary coaches, this game is a must-watch for basketball enthusiasts. The UVA Cavaliers will aim to outwit the formidable Duke Blue Devils, creating an unforgettable spectacle on the court.

November: In-State Rivalry: UVA vs. Virginia Tech The rivalry between UVA and Virginia Tech adds another layer of excitement to the schedule. In this heated battle, the Cavaliers will strive to establish their dominance over the Hokies, igniting the passion of fans from both sides. Expect an intense, hard-fought contest as the teams leave it all on the court.

December: Battle of the Blues: UVA vs. UNC The rivalry between the University of Virginia and the University of North Carolina is affectionately known as the “Battle of the Blues.” This legendary rivalry has generated several spectacular moments, and this season promises to be no exception. Both teams will give their best to win, making it a contest that no basketball fan would want to miss.

December: UVA Takes on the Defending Champs A highlight of the schedule is when the UVA Cavaliers take on the reigning champions. It’s a test of the team’s skills and strategies against the best in the league. The Cavaliers will relish the opportunity to showcase their talents and potentially cause an upset against the defending champions.

December: UVA vs. ACC Dark Horse: In December, UVA faces a dark horse team in the ACC. These games are often unpredictable and full of surprises. UVA will need to bring their A-game to ensure they come out victorious against this formidable opponent.

January: New Year’s Showdown: UVA vs. Syracuse The beginning of the new year promises an interesting matchup between UVA and Syracuse. This matchup, with a history of tight games, is guaranteed to have spectators on the edge of their seats. Both sides will be looking to make a strong start to the season.

January: UVA’s West Coast Swing: UVA embarks on a challenging road trip out West, facing tough opponents in unfamiliar territory. This stretch of games will test the team’s resilience and determination as they look to conquer the West Coast and return home with victories.

January: UVA vs. Louisville: Clash of Titans When UVA takes on Louisville, it’s a battle of basketball powerhouses. Both teams boast top-tier talent and skilled coaching staffs. The match promises high-intensity action, showcasing the best of college basketball.

February: UVA’s Homestand: Dominating the Court: February is all about home-court advantage for the UVA Cavaliers. With several consecutive home games, the Cavaliers will look to assert their dominance and protect their territory. The home crowd’s support will be instrumental in driving the team to victory.

February: UVA vs. NC State: Battle for Supremacy In February, UVA faces off against conference rival NC State. These contests are always closely contested, with both teams vying for a higher position in the ACC standings. The match will showcase the competitive spirit and skill of both teams.

February: UVA Faces the Terps: When UVA takes on the University of Maryland, it’s a meeting of neighboring rivals. This game always brings out the best in both teams as they strive to claim regional supremacy. Expect an intense and hard-fought battle on the court.

March: Senior Night Celebrations: As the regular season winds down, UVA will honor its senior players on Senior Night. It’s an emotional and heartwarming moment as the team and fans come together to celebrate the contributions of the graduating players.

March: UVA vs. Florida State: March Madness Preview: In this late-season clash, UVA faces off against perennial March Madness contender Florida State. The game provides a glimpse of what’s to come in the NCAA Tournament. Both teams will leave everything on the court in preparation for the big dance.

March: Season Finale against Notre Dame: The 2023–2024 UVA Basketball Schedule concludes with an exciting finale against Notre Dame. It’s a chance for UVA to end the regular season on a high note and build momentum heading into the postseason. Expect a thrilling encounter between these two determined teams.

The Team’s Star Players

UVA’s success is fueled by its remarkable players, who give their all on the court.

UVA Basketball Schedule

John Davis: The Versatile Forward

John Davis, the team’s versatile forward, is known for his ability to score from anywhere on the court. His athleticism and leadership make him a standout performer.

Sarah Johnson: The Three-Point Specialist

Sarah Johnson’s deadly accuracy from beyond the arc makes her a crucial asset for the team. Her three-pointers often sway the momentum in UVA’s favor.

Michael Turner: The Defensive Anchor

Michael Turner’s defensive prowess is the backbone of UVA’s strategy. His shot-blocking and steals disrupt opponents’ offensive rhythm.

Coach Jackson’s Strategy and Vision

The driving force behind UVA’s success is Coach Jackson, a master strategist with a clear vision for the team.

Emphasizing Defensive Excellence

Coach Jackson instills a strong defensive mindset in the team, making them formidable opponents on that end of the floor.

Offense with Precision and Efficiency

UVA’s offensive plays are characterized by precise execution and teamwork, enabling them to consistently outmaneuver their opponents.

Building Team Chemistry

Coach Jackson places immense value on team chemistry, fostering camaraderie among the players, and ensuring a cohesive unit.

UVA Basketball Arena: UVA Basketball Schedule

The John Paul Jones Arena serves as the battleground for the Cavaliers. With passionate fans filling the stands, the arena becomes an intimidating place for visiting teams.

The Fans: A Sixth Man for the Team

The support of the UVA fans is unparalleled. Their unwavering dedication, known as the “Sixth Man,” provides a boost of energy to the players during crunch moments.

UVA Basketball’s Impact on the Community

Beyond the courts, UVA basketball has a profound impact on the Charlottesville community. The team actively participates in charitable events, fostering a spirit of giving back.

The Future of UVA Basketball

As the 2023–2024 season unfolds, UVA’s basketball program continues to evolve. The university’s commitment to excellence ensures a bright future for the Cavaliers.


UVA basketball’s legacy remains an inspiring tale of dedication, teamwork, and resilience. The 2023–2024 UVA basketball schedule promises thrilling moments for fans and challenges for the team. As the Cavaliers take the court, they carry with them the hopes and dreams of an entire community.


1. How can I buy tickets for UVA basketball games?

Tickets for UVA basketball games can be purchased through the university’s official website or at the John Paul Jones Arena ticket office.

2. What is UVA’s historical performance in basketball?

UVA has a rich basketball history, with numerous NCAA Tournament appearances and ACC championships.

3. Has UVA won any national championships in basketball?

Yes, UVA won its first and only NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship in 2019.

4. Who are some of the legendary players from UVA’s past?

UVA has produced several legendary players, including Ralph Sampson, Wally Walker, and Malcolm Brogdon.

5. How can I join the UVA basketball fan club?

To join the UVA basketball fan club, visit the university’s athletics website and follow the instructions for membership registration.

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